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Dowling Tree Services have years of experience in providing a wide range of tree maintenance services in the Canberra area. Whether you require a quick response to deal with a dangerous tree, or need on-going advice on the best regime for maintaining your hedge, our accredited and professional staff are here to help you.
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We offer the quickest and most efficient tree services in Canberra

Power Line Clearing

For home owners in the ACT power line clearning and vegetation management is the owners responsibility. Always use a registered tree surgeon with ACTEWAGL. Watch the video by ACTEWAGL about your responsibilities. 

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The services we offer include:

Tree removal

If you have a dead tree, or one which is a potential hazard, we can arrange to have it safely and swiftly removed from your property.

Hedge trimming

To keep the vegetation in your garden aesthetically pleasing, tidying up your hedge is essential. Trimming also ensures that plants stay healthy and grow to their full potential.

Stump grinding

If a tree has been brought down or cut down for removal, the stump can get in the way. It can also be a breeding ground for fungus or rot. Having your stumps ground takes care of all these problems.

Onsite chipping

We can cut up large trees and branches onsite to make the removal process easier and reduce any inconvenience for you.

Power Line Clearing

Clearing tree's from around powerlines doesn't just protect your property it is also a requirement from ACTEWAGL that home owners keep tree's clear. We are authorised ACTEWAGL tree surgeons and can advise you of your requirements when providing you with a quote.

Pruning and shaping

Pruning trees is the best way to remove dead branches or give them a better looking shape. It will also help your trees enjoy healthy growth.

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